The Veganist Pro Review - Vegan Lunch Delivery Service

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Say goodbye to boring lunches - a new vegan food delivery service has launched in Manchester 

Source: The Veganist Pro

If you’re anything like me and aren’t creative in the kitchen, meals can become repetitive. I struggle to eat lots of green vegetables, which is why I make the same tofu stir fry every single day for my lunch and my tea. I’m actually famous for it. 

So, if you seriously need to liven up your lunches, you might be interested in The Veganist Pro. A new Manchester-based vegan business founded by two vegan superyacht chefs, The Veganist Pro aims to bring premium, healthy vegan meals to people’s lives and make vegan food more appealing to the masses.

How does it work? 

A menu is set each week with different dishes available everyday, from Monday-Friday. You can order for the full working week, just one day or the full month. 

They’ll deliver your lunch everyday in eco-friendly, microwaveable packaging with the option to add biodegradable cutlery if you need it. At the moment, this is only available in central Manchester and Salford Quays. 

You’ll need to place your order by 10am the day before and it will be delivered between 9am-11.45am on the days you choose.

What’s on the menu? 

The dishes are made with organic, locally sourced ingredients. The menu is varied and exciting, proving that veganism isn’t about dull and dreary salads!

With options ranging from spicy tofu to classic mac ‘n’ cheese, there’s plenty to keep things interesting and you’re sure to be excited for lunchtime everyday. 

Here is this week’s menu to give you an idea:

My Review

Wednesday 18th September: Smoked BBQ Quinoa and Lentil Steak

The team at The Veganist Pro kindly gifted me this dish in exchange for an honest review. It was SO delicious and unlike anything I’ve had before. I haven’t tried anything similar to lentil steak, and was impressed with the tender texture and the amazing taste. When you can make things like this, it makes me wonder why there’s so much focus on processed meat replacements.

The veggies and quinoa were simply bursting with flavour and I’m not exaggerating when I say each mouthful was heaven. It was clear that all elements were carefully thought out, with different flavours complementing one another. 

Thursday 19th September: Wild Rice and Buckwheat Buddha Bowl

After Wednesday’s tasty treat I wanted to try another one, so I ordered the Buddha bowl.  This vibrant veggie dish was packed with goodness, offering plenty of greens as well as tomatoes, chickpeas and mushrooms. (No nutritional deficiencies here.)

Not only was it super healthy, it was so filling that I didn’t even have room to snack in the afternoon. Which is definitely a good thing. 

What I Love

  • I absolutely love the idea of professional chefs preparing God-tier vegan dishes that are healthy, since I don’t like cooking and I’m not creative in the kitchen at all

  • They’re made with quality ingredients that are much better than a bog-standard meal deal that’s probably not good for you! 

  • The meals are delivered in eco-friendly packaging and ready to microwave

  • It’s convenient to have lunches delivered to your home or work, especially when you’re really busy and haven’t had time to cook 

  • You get to look forward to something different everyday 

There are plenty of reasons to ditch lacklustre lunches and order these instead. However, they are pricey:

  • £37.50 for 5 meals 

  • £149.85 for the month 

  • £7.50 for one meal 

If you can afford this, then it’s definitely worth the money for all the things you get. But of course, for many people, it’s not realistic to spend this much money on just one meal a day. 

When you fancy treating yourself to something different, support a local vegan business and give The Veganist Pro a try.

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