Bill’s Restaurant: Veganuary Menu Review

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Bill’s launch a new vegan menu to celebrate Veganuary

Source: I Love Manchester

It’s exciting that we’ve reached a point where so many restaurant chains are realising how important it is to have inclusive menus.

Long gone are the days when vegans had to cobble together a meal using side dishes or settle for a measly salad.

I went to Bill’s restaurant on Deansgate in the summer with my family and although I loved their chilled out vibe and homely decor, I wasn’t blown away by their vegan menu, least of all the sorbet dessert. (I have nothing against sorbet, but I’m desperate for restaurants to provide more original and decadent vegan desserts.)

When I was invited to the Veganuary event at Bill’s, I was really hoping things had improved!

The Veganuary menu at Bill’s

Bill’s have put together a two and three course menu exclusively for January and February. Available Monday - Friday until 7pm, the menu is priced at £11.95 for two courses and £14.95 for three courses.

I had a lovely chat with the founder, Bill Collison, about the history of the restaurant and how fresh produce has always been at the heart of Bill’s. He hopes that in the future, meat dishes will have to be labelled on menus as they’ll be outnumbered by the vegan ones - amen to that!

Veganuary menu review

Not only did Bill’s have some scrumptious smoothies available, they offered an array of delicious nibbles to whet our appetites. The vegan canapés include crispy fried cauliflower, toasted focaccia with hummus and olives and a mini wellington.


When I saw vegan duck salad on the menu, I was keen to give it a go because this is completely new territory for me.

The duck is made with seitan, so it has a very meat-like texture. It’s packed with flavour and quite literally warms up the tastebuds. Even the non-vegans on the table thought it tasted like real duck, which is promising.


I went for the Moving Mountains burger as my main because I love burgers, but you can also choose from aubergine, lentil and chickpea dhal or black bean chilli.

The burger patty is made with mushroom and beetroot and has a surprisingly meaty texture, making it a respectable substitute that omnivores can enjoy. If you fancy getting a vegan burger in Manchester, give this one a try.


There was no sorbet in sight for dessert - hurrah! I tucked into an indulgent chocolate fondant with coconut ice cream.

Richly flavoured with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, it’s exactly what a dessert should be. The only other pudding option is the coconut ice cream with mango sauce and coconut cream, so it would be great if Bill’s could expand on their dessert offerings.

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat this Veganuary, head over to Bill’s on Deansgate.

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